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Cooler Master Mastergel Maker High Performance Thermal Paste


Model: Cooler Master Thermal PasteHigh Conductivity to Aid Heat TransferEnhanced User Experience DesignPrecise and EvenColor : GrayThermal Conductivity : 11 (W/m-k)Specific Gravity : 2.6 (G/cm3) (25°c)Volume : 1.5mlGrease Cleaner : YesCooler Master Thermal Paste is Exclusively Flat-nozzle Syringe Designed to Enhance Application Use of..


Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste


Model: Corsair Tm30Enthusiast Cpu and Gpu Thermal CompoundFill in the GapReliable and SafeExcellent Long-term StabilityPremium zinc oxide based thermal compound for optimal thermal performance to improve heat transfer and lower temperatures. Ultra-low thermal impedance lowers CPU temperatures vs common thermal paste. CORSAIR TM30’s low viscosity al..


Deepcool G15 Thermal Paste


Model Deepcool G15Type Thermal Paste/greaseFeature the Superb Thermal Performance of the G15 Thermal Paste is Perfect for High Performance Cpu, Gpu or Other Types of Chipsets. The Nanotechnology Material Makes the Thermal Paste Stable, Non-volatile and Smooth to Apply. G15 Thermal Paste is Eco-friendly, Non-conductive, and Strongly Corrosion Resist..


Deepcool Z5 Thermal Paste


Model deepcool Z5Type thermal Paste/greaseOthers thermal Conductivity: >1.46 W/m-k, Thermal Impedance : <0.159degree C-in2/w, Dielectric Constant a: >6, Weight : 7gm, Application for: High Quality Thermal Paste to Provide Excellent Heat Transfer From Cpu/gpu to Cooler, Feature: Excellent Thermal Conductivity, Z5 Thermal Gel Consist High He..

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Noctua NT-H2 3.5g Pro-Grade Thermal Paste


Model: Noctua Nt-h2Not Electrically Conductive and Non-corroding Thermal GreaseEasy to CleanEasy to ApplyExcellent Long-term StabilityNT-H2 is the further improved second generation of Noctua’s award-winning hybrid thermal compound. Combining the iconic NT-H1’s proven features, superb ease-of-use and renowned long-term stability with a novel, fine-..


Thermal Grease (30gm) Paste Compound Silicone Syringe Gray


Model: Thermal Grease (30gm) PasteThermal Conductivity: >1.829w/m-kThermal Resistance: <0.123°c-in2/w30g Silver Thermal Grease Paste***No Warranty Syringe Design, for Easy Operation Helps Disperse the Heat From Cpu to Heatsink Effectively Suitable for: Cpu Heatsink or Chip.high Temperature Resistance Non-toxic,tasteless,non-corrosive Pri..

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