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Rapoo Game Pad

Brand: Rapoo
Model Rapoo Vpro V600Type Game PadConnectivity. WiredFeature Electric Vibration, Play in Comfort - Playing on Pcs With Usb Port or All Games, Pc360 Games, Playstation 3 and Android 4.0 Precise Thumb Sticks, Two Pressure-point Triggers and an 8-way Directional Pad Help Stay in Control, Dual Touch, Er..
Ex Tax:1,950৳
Brand: Rapoo
Model Rapoo Vpro V600sType Game PadConnectivity. WirelessFeature Dual Vibration Motors, Dual Touch, Ergonomic Design and Classic Button Layout, 2.4g Wireless Game Pad, Double-hand Touch, 5s Ergonomics, X/d/a Triple-core Three-mode, Exclusive Shortcut Button, Analog Double Vibration Feedback, Double ..
Ex Tax:2,800৳
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