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Brand: F&D
Model F&d A111xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Rms/channel (Watt) 2 X 11wattUsb Port YesFrequency (Hz - Khz) 120hz - 20khzSignal to Noise Ratio (Db) 65dbBluetooth Range 15 MetersRms/subwoofer (Watt) 13wattFeature 4Warranty 1 YearModel - F&D A111X, Type - Bluetooth Speaker, Channel - 2:1, RM..
Ex Tax:3,350৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d A140xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Rms/channel (Watt) 12watt X 2Fm Radio YesUsb Port YesFrequency (Hz - Khz) 160hz - 20khz (Satellites) / 45hz - 105hz (Subwoofer)Signal to Noise Ratio (Db) 65dbRemote Control YesRms/subwoofer (Watt) 13wattFeature 3Dimensions Satellites: 112 X 153 X 9..
Ex Tax:3,550৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d A180xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Rms/channel (Watt) 14watt X 2Remote Control YesRms/subwoofer (Watt) 14wattFeature Satellite Driver: 3Warranty 1 YearModel - F&D A180X, Type - Bluetooth Speaker, Channel - 2:1, RMS/Channel (Watt) - 14Watt x 2, RMS/Subwoofer (Watt) - 14Watt, Remo..
Ex Tax:3,600৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d A521xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Fm Radio YesFrequency (Hz - Khz) 120 - 20khz (Satellite) 20 - 120hz (Subwoofer)Signal to Noise Ratio (Db) 65dbRemote Control YesFeature Plug & Play Usb Reader, Bluetooth 4.0 Version, Super Big Wooden Cabinet Subwoofer and Satellites Delivers He..
Ex Tax:4,300৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d E200 PlusType Bluetooth Sound Bar SpeakerChannel 2:0Rms/channel (Watt) 2.5watt X 2Usb Port Micro Usb Vs Usb CableInput Interface 3.5mm AuxFrequency (Hz - Khz) 50hz-20khzSignal to Noise Ratio (Db) 70dbFeature 2Battery. Bulit in Li-on BatteryDimensions 410 X 73 X 58mmWeight (Kg) 0.68kgWa..
Ex Tax:2,500৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d F210xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Rms/channel (Watt) 3watt X 2Frequency (Hz - Khz) 135hz - 20khzSignal to Noise Ratio (Db) 60dbRemote Control YesRms/subwoofer (Watt) 9wattFeature 2.5″ Full Range Driver for Satellites and 4″ Bass Driver for Subwoofer, Separation: ≥ 40db, Bluetooth 4..
Ex Tax:2,450৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d F380xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Rms/channel (Watt) 13watt X 2Frequency (Hz - Khz) 110hz - 20khz (Satellite), 30hz - 90hz (Subwoofer)Signal to Noise Ratio (Db) 70dbRemote Control YesRms/subwoofer (Watt) 28wattFeature Separation: ≥40db, Standby, Source and Bluetooth Button Previous..
Ex Tax:4,400৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d F5060xType Bluetooth Multimedia Home TheaterChannel 5:1Rms/channel (Watt) 5 X 15wFm Radio YesFrequency (Hz - Khz) Satellites: 60hz-20khz, Subwoofer: 25hz-85hzSignal to Noise Ratio (Db) ≥73dbRemote Control YesBluetooth Range 15mRms/subwoofer (Watt) 60wattFeature 2 Way Acoustic Design, M..
Ex Tax:15,400৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d F550xType Bluetooth SpeakerRms/channel (Watt) 14watt X 2Frequency (Hz - Khz) 130hz - 20khz (Satellite), 30hz - 110hz (Subwoofer)Remote Control YesRms/subwoofer (Watt) 28wattFeature Standby, Source and Bluetooth Button, Play/pause/fm Auto Scan Button, Previous/ch-, Next/ch+, Volume+/- B..
Ex Tax:4,600৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d F580xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:1Rms/channel (Watt) 2 X 17.5wFm Radio YesFrequency (Hz - Khz) Subwoofer: 40hz-110hz, Channel: 260hz-20khzSignal to Noise Ratio (Db) 70dbBluetooth Range 15 MetersRms/subwoofer (Watt) 35wattFeature 3Warranty 1 YearDetailsModel - F&D F580X, Type - ..
Ex Tax:6,200৳
Brand: F&D
Model F&d R25btType Bluetooth Desk SpeakerChannel 2:0Rms/channel (Watt) 2 X 22wFrequency (Hz - Khz) 20hz - 20khzBluetooth Range 15mFeature Two-way Acoustic Design, Elegant, Articulate Wooden Design, Bluetooth 4.0 Version and Supporting Nfc Function, Bluetooth Operation Range Up to 15 Meters, Low..
Ex Tax:4,200৳
F&D T30X Bluetooth 2.0 Tower Speaker
Out Of Stock
Brand: F&D
Model F&d T30xType Bluetooth SpeakerChannel 2:0Rms/channel (Watt) 28watt X 2Frequency (Hz - Khz) 20hz - 20khzSignal to Noise Ratio (Db) 75dbRemote Control YesFeature Standby, Source and Bluetooth Button Play / Pause / Fm Auto Scan Button Previous/ Ch-, Next/ch+, Volume+/- Batton, Separation: 45d..
Ex Tax:7,800৳
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